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Mississippi repealed prohibition in 1966, the last state to do so. Forty four years later, lifelong friends and blues fans founded Cathead Distillery. Cathead is proud to be the first and oldest distillery in the state of Mississippi.

  • vodka



    We use some sweet grain corn for a crisp finish and each run is made in small  five hundred gallon batches or less.  Technology & innovation allows our water & filtration methods to rival commercial spring water products currently in the market.

    Clean and rich flavor profile, smooth & velvety sweet finish






    sweet grain corn-based mash bill

    distilled in small batches

    Cathead vodka Origin Story

    Cathead vodka Distiller Notes

  • honey



    We make our Honeysuckle Flavored Vodka by hand in small batches using all natural ingredients. Our process is simple, just like our memories of pulling honeysuckle off the vine.

    Soft floral & herbaceous aromas of Honeysuckle. A sweet and delicate flavor with a well-rounded fresh finish.





    Distilled in small batches

    Infused with all natural honeysuckle

    pure louisiana cane sugar

    Cathead Honeysuckle Origin Story

    Cathead Honeysuckle Distiller Notes

  • pecan



    A very careful maceration, accompanied with a stainless steel aging process allows the roasted pecans to add a depth of flavors to this vodka. Plus, no artificial coloring or flavors are used in the making of this process.

    Aromas of freshly roasted pecans provide a subtle sweetness that combines with the richness of the pecans for a nutty finish.





    Distilled in small batches

    all natural Mississippi pecans

    pure louisiana cane sugar

    Cathead pecan Origin Story

    Cathead pecan Distiller Notes

  • gin



    Produced using our vodka as a base, we macerate 10 different botanicals, for two weeks until a flavor profile has been reached and then redistill the gin. We slowly lower the overall proof to 94, and age the gin in stainless steel for 3 weeks prior to bottling to let the flavors mend.

    Juniper, Angelica Root, Cardamon, Cassia bark, Clove, Coriander, Hyssop, Licorice Root, Lemon Verbena and Sweet Orange





    80 liter copper pot still

    juniper & citrus base

    savored on the rocks

    Bristow Gin Origin Story

    Bristow Gin Distiller Notes

  • reserve



    Bristow Reserve spends 1 year in new 53 gallon American oak barrels, char #3. The use of larger oak barrels allows for the gin’s juniper intensity to mellow out, while also adding notes of caramel and some hints of spice. The aging also allows for the aromatics of the botanicals to integrate into the gin. We believe that at 113 proof this gin is very approachable. Allowing for plenty of flavors from the oak, but not disrespecting the original Bristow flavors.

    deep and rich flavor profile, pure & botanical finish





    1 yr in American oak barrels

    The same Char #3 as un-released whiskey

    savored on the rocks

    Distiller Notes

    Origin Story

    Bristow reserve Origin Story

    In exchange for his granddaughter's hand in marriage, a curious young bloke presented his new grandfather-in-law, Judge, with a bottle of gin. The gin was triple distilled with a curious blend of spices. The Judge was tickled by the gin and insisted that his grandson-in-law provide him with a regular allocation of the toothsome spirit. With that encouraging nod, Bristow Gin was born and went on to live most happily ever after. Bristow gin is carefully made in small batches with eleven botanicals to give the Judge's Gin a clearly unique and satisfying character.

    Bristow reserve Distiller Notes

    Bristow Gin is a sophisticated blend that has subtle yet pure flavors that come together gracefully. On the nose, it has a noticeable aroma of juniper and citrus tempered by a suggestion of pepper (herbal spices). In the mouth, the cassia bark, clove and licorice mingle together brilliantly for a wonderful taste experience.  Lemon verbena balances out the juniper flavors and allows Bristow Gin to finish smooth and sweet.

  • chicory


    chicory liqueur

    The name Hoodoo pays homage the black magic and mysticism brought to the Southern United States by immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean. Elements of the Hoodoo tradition are deeply embedded in Southern culture, especially blues music.

    notes of dried fruits and hints of toffee caramel that highlight a depth of bittersweet earthy spices.





    barreled under a full moon

    made with real roasted chicory root

    pure louisiana cane sugar

    Hoodoo chicory liqueur Origin Story

    Hoodoo chicory liqueur Distiller Notes

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About Our Distillery


Mississippi outlawed alcohol in 1907 and, in 1966, became the last state to repeal prohibition. Fast forward 104 years and two fine gents, Austin Evans and Richard Patrick, fired up the state’s first legal still. Along with a passion for fine spirits, these gents have a thirst for Mississippi’s live music, folk art and writings. When the boys aren’t making hooch, you might spot ‘em at a juke joint, soaking up inspiration for their next batch of goodness from Cathead.


BLUES music started in Mississippi, an important piece of our American DNA and simply the roots of modern day music that has influenced pop, jazz, rock & roll, hip-hop and basically everything. By all means possible, we align ourselves with foundations who support live music, genuine arts and southern culture.

    Foundation Partners:

  • Yoknapatawpha Arts Council (YAC)
  • Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA)
  • Music Makers Relief Foundation (MMRF)
  • North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic
  • Magic City Blues Society
  • New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation (NOMAF)

Meet Our Distiller


PHILLIP LADNER is our distiller for all products made at CATHEAD DISTILLERY. Phillip is a Mississippi native from the Gulf Coast town of Long Beach. Mr Ladner is a graduate of University of Mississippi and has spent over the last decade in the wine and spirits industry. Post college Phillip went to work for Bacchus Wine (NY). While in the retail trade Phillip developed a passion for the products he sold and decided his career path take a turn to production. Phillip decided to move to New Zealand and work with Spy Valley to get his feet wet crushing grapes, then moved to Napa where he met a wealth of contacts. Phillip worked his way up the ladder from first landing a job with Lewis Cellars and then to assistant winemaker at Pahlmeyer in Oakville, CA. An opportunity once again became present when he was offered a job with Stillwater Spirits (ADI’s epicenter) in Petaluma, CA where Phillip has been instrumental in American Distilling Institute (ADI). ADI is a trade group led by Bill Owens who specializes in craft spirits production and start up distilleries domestic and internationally. Phillip now resides in Madison, MS with his wife Angie Galle Ladner and two children Lily Grace and Judah Blue.


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